Ways to Boost Your Productivity at the Office

Many people we talk to say that they are hard at work all the time. That of course is true but the question is – are they working effectively? You can spend lots of time completing a task. It will be done correctly yes, but is that time really well distributed? When you are focused at work, stress and deadlines drive you. Seldom there is time to think about your work effectiveness or how to improve things 'cause they turn out somewhat fine in the end. The problem is that there is no time or energy left for you to live your life. It is remarkable how many people don't know or stay passive about the sea of possibilities to improve their efficiency. For starters, the basics like your office. This should be a space where you feel relaxed, especially if you are sitting all day. Tiny things like the height of your chair's backrest or armrests can make a massive difference on comfort and by that, how much energy you save. Next, if you’re the boss get some good hardware for your employees - a proper notebook, PC or just upgrade with a simple SSD drive. That’s a life changer, believe us. You will be shocked that a computer can boot up in about 5 to 10 seconds, be ready, and then work faster than ever. A good laser printer with automated scanning module will also be helpful. Last but not least - a coffee maker - no explanation needed here. There can be many other different things in your office that will help you get more effective. From a supervisor perspective it can be a traditional or interactive board, an employee time recorder (saw those fingerprint ones?), A/C to keep the temperature nicely down or a TV screen for presentations. When you have the possibility, try to add something to the office that will let you not focus on work, like a video game console, or a place to lay down and relax. Being too focused will wear you down faster and decline your productivity. What about office space management? We like to keep ours clean, tidy and with a modern theme. That is not a rule – maybe you have your own way of organizing thing that for someone will look like clutter. If you find sense in it than ok. If the team you are working with doesn't, than talk to them and come up with a common solution. The second aspect are the people. An office are just four walls and some stuff inside. A true effective workplace is created by you and your colleges. If you know and trust each other there are fewer problems with communication, task management and creativity. Ok we covered some of the basics but a company's efficiency will truly be improved by implementing the correct development tools. If we've got your attention, wait for the next post on this subject.

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